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DREAM: Becoming an Architect of Your Reality

This one will be short and sweet. Do you truly do you or is your everyday one controlled by circumstance? If you live the latter, I am not sorry for you. You have an opportunity to be your own catalyst for change! Your dreams, aspirations, or whatever noun you choose are yours. That means you and solely YOU possess the responsibility and the ability to make them a reality. The weight is heavy, anything can and will go wrong on your journey. If something has the ability to come between you and your aspirations, where you ever worthy of accomplishing them. Most are afraid of what it truly takes to accomplish these things, they are doomed from the start. If you want something, commit every fiber of your body to it. Let your passion become you! Look at those who have achieved ethereal levels of their discipline. They have a commonality, they all possessed passion. This is what carried them through every bump, pothole, and crater that they encountered. So I leave you with this, follow your dreams, do everything in your power to materialize them, and Be Authentik!

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