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Rack and Stack: Gear Hanger

Happy Monday Savages. I hope you guys are fired up for another great week! I want to drop this life hack for all of my gear junkies. If you are military or law enforcement, I am sure you are familiar with this tool ( gear stand, gear rack, or gear cross). For those that do not know, this awesome rack is used to hold one’s kit: helmet, plate carrier, battle belt, rucksack, riffle, boots, etc. The great part about the design (see below) is that it allows for a myriad of gear to be held and can be customized to fit one’s needs. Don’t sweat it if you are not MIL or LEO, you to can find a use for this rack. I was able to integrate storage hooks into my design, allowing me to hang both my target and hunting bow on the same rack. Below you will find your materials and instructions for constructing this gnarly rack. All materials can be found at Home Depot.


  • (1) 54” 4x4 Post or Length of your discretion

  • (1) 24” 2x4

  • (4) 18” 2x4

  • (2) Screw-In Storage Hooks

  • (10) 2-½” Deck Screw

  • (1) Poly Stain Color (Your Preference)


  1. You will start by aligning an 18” 2x4, so that it is flush with the side and bottom of the 4x4 post. You will then drill in 2 of your screws parallel to each other. This is to secure the first piece of your base. Complete this process 3 more times. You will now see that the base contains a staggered pattern.

  2. Stand your rack up. You will now measure down on the 4x4 the desired amount for the mounting of your horizontal 2x4. I chose 8”, this allows me to hang my 38” competition bow, 32” hunting bow, and carbine with ample ground clarence. Remember, the goal is to construct a hanger that fits your needs. You will level this 2x4, then drill your 2 set screws into the midsection of it.

  3. Find the outward end faces of your 24” 2x4. You will reference the screw bottom of your storage hooks and drill pilot holes in the 2x4 according to their size. Do this at both ends.

  4. Your final step is to paint your rack. I used a weather gray polyurethane and stain for this project. Some prefer to leave it natural. User preference dudes.

By no means am I a professional nor is this a super-duper 3000 gear rack. This is a cool and functional project I want to share with you guys, that is inexpensive fun, and doable for under $50,00 USD. Please share your gear racks once constructed, do not cut off any fingers, and BE AUTHENTIK!

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