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Authentik Savage is owned by Antonio Brown and curated by both himself and the Authentik Savage Tribe. Tone is an avid outdoorsman, adventurer, and guy that strives to improve himself continuously. During Tone's exploration of the world, it became evident to him that there was no medium for men that provided knowledge on a host of gnarly topics and the support of peers who have mastered these things. Understanding the world is densely populated, he realized that there must be other unique dudes with a hunger for and desire to give knowledge. This void led to the inception of Authentik Savage, a men's lifestyle brand focused on the mastery of one’s craft and authenticity.


We seek to inspire our peer’s evolution into their best and most real version of themselves. Their Authentik Savage. We accomplish this objective by providing a space where you can seek the knowledge and support of others like you. Our classrooms are life and the great outdoors. Our teachers and students are one and the same: our peers.

Meet The Team


Antonio "Tone" Brown


Tone is an avid outdoorsman, adventurer and conservationist. His time around other savage individuals and the wealth of knowledge they provide fuels his desire to provide a platform for those seeking their AUTHENTIK SAVAGE. 

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Josh Welkes

Fishing Guide

Reel legends never die. Welkes is an angler they write stories about. Between guiding and fishing tournaments consistently, you will find his wealth of knowledge to be more than helpful.


Anthony "Twin"Parillo

Fishing Guide

Some claim to be anglers and others live it. With decades of fishing and guiding under his belt, Twin's fishing accolades run deep. A recent winner of the 2021 King of the Glades, he places  another notch in his belt.

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