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5 Savage Reasons to Own: AK-47 pistol Edition

What's up Savages! I am sure most of you are currently in therapy for this past weekend's Tampa Bay Superbowl win, but I am here to reassure you. We won, it is okay to cry. Us Floridians will provide the tissues. Today, we have another awesome post by our guy TacDaddy. Read and enjoy guys!!

One thing we lose track of sometimes as gun owners are the simple fact that shooting can be a TON OF FUN! Nothing is better for you than a good range session where you hone your skillset AND blast away with a mag dump or two! That being said, one of the great pistols that you can buy these days is the AK-47 pistols.

Wikipedia states - “Even after almost seven decades, the model and its variants remain the most popular and widely used assault rifles in the world because of their substantial reliability under harsh conditions, low production costs compared to contemporary Western weapons, availability in virtually every geographic region and ease of use. “

Here are my top 5 reasons you should own at least one AK pistol!

1. Reliability

The main reason most armies choose the AK is that they work. Sand, water, mud, abuse, these weapons are known to take a licking and keep on shooting. I’ve seen enough youtube videos on the subject and have some personal experience over the past 2 years running surplus and brand new ammo to know that they will operate as advertised.

2. Power

The 7.62 x 39 cartridge is a powerful rifle round. In a pistol with a shorter barrel, it will become less accurate over longer distances, but the PUNCH from the round remains one of the more powerful you can carry.

3. Size

While this is by no means something you will carry on your hip, the size of the AK pistols make it ideal for a truck gun or backpack option. Most measure under 24 inches, we have even seen them in violin cases!

4. Upgrades

The AK platform has many options from a variety of manufacturers. For you non - purists, you will see everything from rail and grip upgrades to adding an arm brace and optics. Bottom line is that the AK pistols are easy to modify and upgrade to your liking.

“I love the Romanian Draco pistols! They are easy to SBR into pm MD.90 Romanian military carbines.”

-Scot Hoskisson, President, RS Regulate

5. FUN

As we wrap up the list, we are back to what prompted this list - the FUN FACTOR. I recently joined a neighbor at the range and brought 2 AK-47 pistols, the new American Made DRACO and the RAS-47 AK Pistol with Magpul furniture, both from Century Arms. The blast, the power, the smiles. This is why you should own one! Never forget, BE AUTHENTIK!

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