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Archery: See It Drop It

What is up savages! The day has come. We have been blessed by the outdoor gods because our blessed archery season has begun. With that being said, this one goes out to all my bowhunting savages. On Wednesday I was out on a spot and stalk hunt, laying the smackdown on some piggies (hunt coming soon to the Authentik Savage YouTube Channel). The swift nature of shooting a bow during such a hunt inspired me to share a quick tip based on my experiences. Target acquisition is the name and shwacking animals is the game bros. When you find your quarry, it is essential that you are able to swiftly acquire your target and send a well-executed shot downrange. I do a few minor things to execute this goal: orient my body for the draw, maintain a line of sight on target, and draw into this same sight picture. What I am doing with this process is alleviating the necessity to move unnecessarily. Every movement I make has a purpose, resulting in a swift well placed shot on target. Excess movements increase your shot time, alert your quarry, and deplete your oxygen. Try this process and drop some feedback in the comment section dudes, remember we are here to learn from each other. Don’t forget guys BE AUTHENTIK.

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