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Archery: Shot Routine

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Shooting archery is like putting together IKEA furniture. What do I mean by that? Archery is a sequence of motions, that when performed correctly will give you a desirable outcome. For most that is putting the arrow on target for others it may be buying a baller bow and standing in Bass Pro isles talking to strangers about animals you never harvested. Remember, don't talk to strangers.. Unless, they are hot! There are many different ways to shoot an arrow, but not all of them yield the same result. This is why it is essential to have a pre-shot sequence. Every step in your sequence will be the only thing on your mind till you move to the next. Here is my sequence:

1: Stance/grip- shoulder width apart, with lead foot slightly pointed at target /angle hand minimal pressure from pointer and middle finger support

2: Draw: Pin on target. Lock shoulders. Smooth clean draw to anchor point

3: Release: in anchor, hook finger around trigger, elbow up, pull through shot

Each step is my sole thought, until I transition to the next. The entirety of this sequence takes seconds. It forces me to be cognizant of my action,therefore building muscle memory. Everyone's sequence will be different, so do not think you must mirror another person's. Some guys like brunettes and others like blonds. Never forget, Be Authentik.

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