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Quarantine Fit

Now that we have had the covid virus, giant wasp, and I am sure an Alien Encounter with earth is scheduled for next week. Here is a solid workout to do at home. This workout may result in you having a harem of hotties with a body to Quarantine and Chill with. It will probably not, but at least you will be ripped for the end of times though! You should alter it, to fit what equipment you possess in your bat cave.

Complete all Workouts using this format: Heavy Weight & Sets x3 Reps 12-15x

Ø Warm Up:

· Static Stretch Arms, Legs, Back, and Core

· Pushups

· Leg Ups

· Scissor Kicks (2 counts)

Ø Workout

· (Dumbbell Hammer Curls + Burpees ) Counts as 1 exercise

· Standing Dumbbell Row

· Dumbbell Thrusters

· Dumbbell Flies

· Triceps Kickbacks

· Jump Squats

· Barbell Military Press “Overhead press”

· Farmers Walks 40yds total (20yds to and from)

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