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Savage Doctor: Mind, Body, Success

Hey Savages, it’s an honor to be a guest writer for my boy, Antonio Brown the OG Authentik Savage himself. I am currently a vascular surgery resident at the University of Arkansas and Tone himself is one of my Day 1’s 💪 I wanted to share with you some of the things a true Authentik Savage should do to improve their mental toughness on a daily basis. You don’t have to do each one of these things, but the accumulated effort of working to incorporate these exercises will result in a warrior mindset that is applicable to any aspect of your life.

The most beneficial thing you can do is set rigid guidelines on your social media and cellphone usage on a daily basis. Right now, go into your phone and restrict your usage settings so that you can’t access your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter after 15 minutes of perusing per day.

Setting your alarm for 4am each day and following through with crushing a workout and reading for 20 minutes every day before 5:30am is going to put you in the right mindset to crush the rest of your day. This not only boosts your confidence by knowing you are staying true to the promises you make yourself, it will also lead to higher work output. If the average person works 40 hours per week, you should be working 100-120 hours per week to reach your goals in substantially less time than your peers. Any week with <80 hours of work is considered an absolute fail in my opinion. Work includes your main job, side hustles, a deep meditation on business opportunities, networking, etc.

Developing multiple sources of income is mandatory. The mental benefit you get from this is that you are more prone to take the risks necessary in future endeavors to make back any potential losses your future business moves might entail. You will have the confidence to do what it takes because you can rest assured that you can bounce back from any financial setback. Check out my side hustle on IG/Facebook @ActionPotentialAP. If you’re in school and want to take your learning proficiency to the next level, reach out.

Here are a few more ways to build your mental toughness:

-Fast for a full day once a week

-Exercise outside in the snow or heat

-Wear ragged clothes in public and practice not caring what others think about your appearance. Cato practiced this hundred of years ago and I think the benefits of being fearless of others’ judgment of you is still a war that can be won for many of us today.

-Sleep on the floor once a week. The ancient stoics advocated this practice to build toughness

-No technology in your bedroom. There are countless studies supporting the benefit for your sleep-wake cycle by adopting this rule. Check out “Why We Sleep” for more data supporting this.

That’s all for now! Give these a shot and let us know what you think. The goal is to get better to change the world, but first, you must change yourself. Never forget, BE AUTHENTIK!

-Dr. Austin Price

CEO ActionPotentialAP Tutoring/Mentoring

Vascular Surgery PGY-1

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