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Ripping Lips: Peacock Bass

What's up savages. This one goes out to all my freshwater fisherman. Today I want to drop a gem that will help you rip more lips. I am sure you have all heard stories about the famed peacock bass of the Amazon and South Florida. This is one of my favorite bass species to fish. These fish are beautiful, aggressive as hell, and put up a good fight. Through spending thousands of hours in a laboratory hidden within NASA, I was able to find my go-to artificial lure for peacock. The Rapala X-Rap, colors glass ghost and albino shiner. This lure provides various colors, diving depths and body sizes making it a lethal combo. I use the 4’, 3-⅛’, and 2-½’. The action on this lure is awesome. It has a slash movement when jerked, a swim when reeled moderately, and a suspension with a slow rise when paused. When I am fishing for peacock, I alternate between a jerk and moderate reel through the fish strike zone. Next time you're out getting bass thumb, give these bad boys a try. Share pics of your catch and comment below. Never forget savages, rips lips and BE AUTHENTIK.

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