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A Piece of Time

In an age of accessibility and convenience, it is nice to keep some practices unchanged. Taking that brief pause to glance at the time telling object on your wrist is awesome. Whether you are on deployment, in a classroom, or taking a stroll with your lady a watch is a multipurpose tool. This has led me to compile a list of my favorite timepieces from my experience that fit every occasion and purpose.

1.Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Color: Oystersteel Yellow Gold

Case: 36mm, 41mm, 31mm

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price: $11,000-5,000 USD

This is a classic Rolex and the first one I purchased. The jubilee bracelet and fluted bezel combined with the two-tone color scheme makes for a solid piece. This timepiece can be dressed up for a night out with a lady friend or when bar-hopping with the boys. I enjoy wearing mine out, it does not draw unnecessary attention. I am not one to recommend this for rugged activities, though it can hold its own.

2.Suunto Traverse Alpha

Color: Gun Metal/Camo Strap

Case: 50mm

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price: $299 USD

If you are looking for something that is digital, hardy and has navigation capabilities. This is the accessory for you. I have owned this watch for over a year now and I have yet to unlock its full capabilities. Take a seat gentleman, It is time to list a few features: Hiking, Fishing and Hunting modes, Sunrise-sunset times and alerts, Fishing and hunting specific POI types, Moon phases and moonrise/set times, Automatic Shot detection, Red backlight, Night Vision Goggle compatible, GPS and GLONASS for route and POI navigation, Real-time breadcrumb view of the recorded track, Tracking for speed, distance, and altitude, ECT. I could go on forever. This is an awesome watch. I have worn it through training operations, hunts, fishing trips, and many more adventures.

3.Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Calendrier Watch with Day/Date

Color: Stainless Steel/Blue Croc Embossed Leather

Case: 44mm

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price: $266.00 USD

Guys, we have another heater! I have worn this timepiece to the office, freediving, on my quad in South America, and many more adventures. This is a fine option. In my opinion, it checks all of the boxes: strength, versatility, and price point. I can remember suggesting this piece to a friend for her husband's birthday. She purchased it and the dude loved it.

4.Submariner Date

Color: Oystersteel and Yellow Gold

Case: 40mm

Glass: Sapphire Crystal

Price: $14,000-$8,500 USD

This is a big dog. This has been my favorite Rolex since I was a wee lad, frolicking about the lakeshore shooting cottonmouths in the face with my bb gun. This one comes in multiple colors: green, blue, slate, champagne. The one that won my heart is the blue face. I have worn this timepiece to weddings, training operations, and other gnarly activities. This is a solid Rolex that can handle a host of outdoor activities. I know many SOF dudes that rock and trust this timepiece.

Enjoy and feel free to add to this list. Don't forget, Be Authentik!

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