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Daily: Goal It Out

What's up Savages! It's Friyay, which means it is time for a savage code. Today I want to touch on a daily practice I implement. That is goal setting on a daily basis. Often we set lofty goals and set off to accomplish them haphazardly with the best intentions. This can lead to many things like never accomplishing said goal or the continuous pursuit of that fleeting goal.

I like to avoid wasted time and perfection paralysis (not doing something or fixating on one thing till perfection is reached) when pursuing my goals. I do this by setting daily goals that apply to the accomplishment of my overall goal. What this does is give me the gratitude of productivity through accomplishing something with purpose and the knowledge that I am closer to the completion of my goal. You do not have to overcomplicate this. It is meant to be simple and natural. Pick multiple manageable tasks that need to be completed and execute them. Before you know it, you have accomplished that goal that seemed unconquerable. I hope this helps guys and BE AUTHENTIK!

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