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Moving: The Most Fun You Will Never Have

What’s up Savages! It has been a while. I recently had an unexpected move, which required most of my attention. I am back and used this experience as a learning opportunity like a true Savage. I want to touch on moving, the dreaded task we all undergo at some point. During this move, I picked up a couple of things to share with you guys.

1st. 3 week period. Give yourself 3 weeks of planning before your actual move. During this time you will assess which things to keep, pack, and throw away. If you practice a bare essential style of living, this will be an easy step for you.

2nd. Garbage Period. This is the point where you begin trashing all extras that cannot be sold. Do not be afraid of throwing things out. I like to use the 6 months to a year period (have I used it during this time) to analyze whether or not I will keep an item or if it will be of use to anyone else.

3rd. Packing Period. When packing your valuables (clothes, jewelry, and fragile goods)

  • Box clothes with hangers still on

  • Box fragile and valuables then label with name and “Top” this lets you know that this box must go on top of the stack. It cannot have anything stacked on top of it.

I hope this helps make moving easier. Never forget, Be Authentik!

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