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The D2 Effect: Dedication+Discipline

What’s up Savages! Today I want to share a practice that has helped me achieve various goals and aspirations. I call it the D2 effect. You are most likely thinking, what is this dude talking about. I am talking about the supreme team, dynamic duo, the big kahuna known as Dedication and Discipline. Through my experience and what I have gathered from other savages, implementing this duo is your golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Let us break this down guys: dedication-a devoting or setting aside for a particular purpose and discipline- orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. If you are dedicated to mastering your craft and you have the discipline to continuously improve your skill, you are unstoppable. The lethality of this pair comes from them being used in unison, so don’t think that one will get you to your destination. So next time you approach a goal ask yourself, are you ready to tap in and use the D2 effect?

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