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Ask: Questions?

"Asking and you shall receive" and "the quality of life you live is directly related to the quality of questions you ask"! These two quotes are more than just nice-sounding organized words. When used at the right time, they can be life changers. We can all agree that we do not know everything. We can also agree that asking a question can provide us with a desired answer or outcome. So why are people afraid to ask questions? For a whole bunch of reasons that I will not waste time thinking of. I am not afraid to seek knowledge and you are not too, because you decide to read the writing of this caveman. Every day I need you guys to remember the two quotes I began with. You have to ask questions. Questions are a phenomenal tool we are all equipped with. A question can lead to a step forward in your career, higher earnings, a better relationship, a clarification, or a bunch of other things that would provide you with something you had not previously possessed. Those who do not ask questions because they are afraid of looking dumb, stupid, or sounding ignorant are robbing themselves of a learning opportunity. We cannot forget we are a full-time student in the class called life. As they say in the Instagram world, "Shooters, Shoot"! That's right. If you desire something hard enough you will make all of the attempts to acquire that thing, including asking questions. Don’t forget guys Ask Questions and BE AUTHENTIK.

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