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Change: A Little Bit At a Time

We all want and aspire to change, but sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. We set off to do something great like break a habit, decrease our mile run time or increase a lifting weight for an exercise. At times we fall short in the 11th hour or give up before we have even begun our process. Notice, I said process. We would love to snap our fingers and be our best versions of ourselves, but unfortunately, life does not work like that. I want you to take a second and look at your home (house, apartment, or a room at your parents). Through a series of small steps, the structure was erected. What you are standing in at this moment, did not begin with its walls or a roof. It was first a thought, that later became a sketch. These incremental steps were the catalyst for change. When setting off to change, we must remember it is not a race. We should be realistic in our expectations of ourselves. Trust me this is harder then it sounds because in my mind I am a combination of superman, batman, and a DEVGRU operator. Meaning, there is nothing I cannot do but I still have to remind myself to practice this. Sometimes we must humble ourselves and slow our attack. This is why I challenge you, to analyze how you go about change. I want you to practice “A little Bit At a Time”; smaller steps to the execution of your change. Don’t forget Savages, Be Authentik!

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