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Cyber Security: Protect Your Peace

What's up Savages! Today's post comes from our Cyber Security Savage. This tribe member has given his time to protecting us through Cyber Security. He has and continues to work as a public servant, fighting crime in the shadows like a nerd version of Batman. Please secure your yourself, take notes and enjoy.

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked so why not prioritize Privacy. The following recommendations are tools to help combat unwanted advertising, credit card theft and protecting your peace online.

  1. uBlock Origin

  • Available as a web extension. uBlock Origin works without any configuration to block ADs and prevent malware from intrusive websites

  • Firefox:


  • allows you to create anonymous debit cards instantly to use for online shopping. Uses: signing up for trials, one-time purchases, and allowance cards

  1. Implement 2FA everywhere

  • With 2-Step Verification, you’ll protect your account with both your password and your phone. The option for 2FA can be found in account settings

  • Use an app such as Google Authenticator found on both Apple & Android for implementation

  1. Password Manager

  • No one remembers their password, and you shouldn’t have to! Sign up for 1Password or Bitwarden to centralize all your passwords

  • For efficiency also install their app extension on your web browser and phone

  1. VPN

  • A VPN essentially encrypts your web traffic on any connected network. This is highly recommended when using public Wi-Fi.

  • Additional Benefits: Access Geo-Blocked Websites, Bypass internet Censorship

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