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Fear: Can You Manage?

Have you experienced an emotion so powerful, it renders you unable to move, think, or speak? I will answer for you. Yes Bros, we all have. It is called FEAR. Yes, I just said the F-word (fear). Fear is something we have all experienced and come to know well. The Greeks even have a god of fear named “Phobos”. The Greeks were emotionally intelligent. They understood the importance and necessity of fear management. Hence King Leonidas’s ability to lead 300 Spartans to their death, against a force much larger than their own.

Fear is not only resident to extreme conditions. It is an equal opportunity employer. Have you ever set out to accomplish something like speaking to a hottie, consulting a superior for a raise, giving blood, or petting a dog? These all seem rather normal, but to some elicit a lack of completion due to fear.

I want us to manage fear. I have been able to use my mind to manage my fear. At the moment, I give myself a reset. I keep it simple and tell myself to PERFORM. This forces me to do something, which is exponentially better than doing nothing. My reset is not a long drawn out conversation with myself. The goal is to seize the moment and act. I do not want to overload myself with any excess stimuli outside of what has brought me this state. When fear is knocking at our door, we fail to act. I have been responsible of this. Instead of being ashamed, I used it as a learning opportunity to bring me to this point. So remember Bros, Perform, React, and Be Authentik!

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