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Financial Savage: Own Your Finances

My savages, this one comes from an original savage tribe member -StoneTurtle. His knowledge stems from his time within the business world and the acquisition of a degree in accounting. He has been a pillar within the savage tribe.

What does it mean to be an “Authentik Savage” in your personal finances?

Keep your catch. It doesn’t matter what you have in your bank account today because tomorrow you will catch more.

If you haven’t read the childhood story of “Moby Dick” I urge you to do so. You will read a story about obsessions, challenges, adversity and perseverance.

Just because you have an unquenchable obsession to become wealthy doesn’t make you crazy. This makes you ambitious. You have a strong desire and the determination to succeed. You have governance over one self’s day-to-day activities and these activities should line up with your long-term goal in your personal finances. This means not fighting your ambition and following through with your desires. In order to keep your catch in your finances, you must be smart in your decision making, responsible and accountable in your spending. Every purchase made must fall into a category so that your spending habits become mindful and not mindless. Become a saving savage. For every dollar you spend on yourself, you should save for yourself. Investing in one’s self will ultimately contribute to your long-term goal. Many people will not understand your passion and this is the beauty in YOUR PASSION (it’s yours, not theirs). This allows you to stay true to your goals even on the stormy days. Never forget savages, BE AUTHENTIK!

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