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Friends: The Choice Is Yours

Cherish your friends. In the past week, I've received a lot of information in regards to a friend of mine passing away and another in bad health. Although this may be a bummer, it comes with the territory of being someone's friend. I think we're all responsible for using the word friend loosely. When you are a friend to someone, you actively chose to have them in your life. This is a feature that should be appreciated because we do not possess that choice with family. Friends should give us the outlet to express wild, bad, great, big, or small news. Having the understanding that you have each other's back and kinship, is worth its weight in gold. If you've never experienced any of my previous text, look around and analyze whom you call your friend. Life is real bro's, make time to check on your bro once in a while. We all have responsibilities, but it takes very little time to ring your homie. Although we are savages, life will always attempt to dim our fires. It will never extinguish the savage flame because we will tend ours and watch our bro's. Don't be a would of, could of, or should of kind of dude. Those guys live with regrets! Cherish your friends and BE AUTHENTIK Bros!

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