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Guide: Gifts Fit for a Savage

What's up Savages! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. The holidays are quickly approaching, so I wanted to drop a gift guide fit for a savage. I'm sure some of you are still going to gift a lucky someone socks or an extra thick old man 3000 leather wallet. knowing this, I am going to allow you to not ruin someone's holiday.

At times I have struggled with finding a gift that is functional, cool, and unique for someone that has everything. This struggle would turn the cool task of holiday shopping into a chore. Not anymore. Check out this trio of gnarly and economical gift ideas for a fellow savage.


    • Cigar Club is a subscription-based service that provides premium cigars tailored to the taste of its members and those wanting to try its service. When purchasing the subscription, you are asked to take a quiz that tests your palate and taste preferences. As a gifter, you will take a short quiz o behalf of those that will receive it. You have the option of either 3 or 5 cigars per order. As a subscriber to this service, I am thoroughly happy.


    • Is a company that organizes gnarly gift boxes tailored to things that men like. It is a pretty straightforward system. Mancrates, provides a great selection of boxes to choose from such as GRILL & COOK, JERKY & SNACK, DRINK, MAKER & DIY, SPORTS & GEAR, and PERSONALIZED. With a selection like this, there is something for everyone.


    • This company specializes in constructing economical custom timepieces designed by the consumer. That is pretty cool right. Using their web system, one is able to choose everything from the bracelet to the bezel type/color and in between. They offer categories They also offer flagship models, for those that do not want to design their own.

Savages, comment below if you have any experience using these products. Don’t forget, BE AUTHENTIK!

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