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Know Better Do Better

This one hits home. It was taught to me by a great person and an original Authentik Savage, my mom. At a very young age, my mom taught me the saying " If you know better, do better ". It really resonated inside me. If you know better, do better! That saying has perpetuated throughout my life. It has become a mantra. It is a simple concept. If you know that something is wrong, do better than that wrong. It has saved me from trouble or lessened the severity of the trouble I may have put myself in. It has aided in the construction of my character and allowed me to help others. This singular saying has made me a better person. Am I perfect absolutely not. We are people, as people we are flawed. I can promise you that this will help you make better choices. Don't forget Bros, IF YOU KNOW BETTER DO BETTER and Be Authentik!

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