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Metric For Success:

Metric for success:

Success is something that is different for everyone. You, your neighbor, Bob the cat, and your kid all have different ideas of success. Therefore what you measure your success by, differs as well. This measurement is your metric for success. Many people never take the time to develop theirs. If you ever find your peers telling you how great you are doing, but you do not feel that you have accomplished much, this could be because your metric for success has not been developed. I believe it is safe to assume that we take the time to develop and better ourselves as we progress through life. Therefore, why would we not further invest in ourselves by developing our metric for success? I know this is some heavy shit, so here is an example: I am going on a whitetail deer bow hunting trip in North Carolina with my dudes. I want to take a trophy buck and have a mount made. At the end of my trip, I harvested a doe and a decent buck. I was unsuccessful and I am bummed out because I did get my trophy buck. Why do I feel this way, because my measure is completely wrong. You see, your metric has to be concise, precise, actual. The current metric contains many factors that can affect it such as; weather, animal unpredictability, the deer smelling your balls sweat, etc. I have overlooked that I harvested 2 animals, venison for myself and others, and the ability to make another memory with my dudes. Any of the previously mentioned would have made for an appropriate metric to set beforehand. A great metric taken from above would resemble these; harvest a decent buck, enjoy time spent with my dudes, bring home venison. The goal is not to defeat ourselves before we have the chance to accomplish our goals. We want to stack the cards in our favor, by providing ourselves with a headspace that harnesses growth and positivity through realistic measures of success. The mind is a weapon guys, it is up to us to weaponize it against anything that negatively affects us. Never forget, Be Authentik!

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