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Patience: Waiting Game

My savages, patience is a virtue...I know for a fact, that we have all heard this quote from a relative or friend at some point. That is because there is some truth to it. As I have grown, it occurred to me that nothing happens before the time it should. That despite how much sweat equity you may put into a singular task, the time of execution may not align with yours. So what do we do because TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN. Well, we keep grinding. We harness our passion and exercise patience during this period of long days, hard work, tears, and spilled blood. It may not be today, tomorrow, or the day after but you will stand atop of the pillar you have laid the foundation for. What you do not want to do is, rush the process. For example, A bowhunter sitting in a ground blind sees a buck and gets ready to takes aim, as it eats. The deer continues its meal, unknowingly walking into the perfect shot position. The hunter has ranged different land features, so he knows the distance between himself and the animal. Unfortunately, as time progressed it has turned to dusk. The hunter grabs his bow, draws back, then releases an arrow. The shot connects and the placement is horrible. Leading up to this event is many hours of grinding: shooting his bow, scouting, tending his food plots, hanging stands, checking cameras. Despite the hunter’s hard work and dedication, the light condition during that time of dusk made for a non-shoot situation. I wrote that to reaffirm, remain patient, stay disciplined, and do not rush the process. Don’t forget Savages, BE AUTHENTIK!

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