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Pets: A Best Friend

Many of us can all agree that we love and share a unique bond with our pets. As I sit here writing my cat is currently sitting at a high ready with a Glock 19, holding security at my front door. Like I said, a unique bond. Animals have the ability to give aid to us in ways we are and are not aware of. An example that I am currently observing is my buddy/savage tribe member Resolute with his 11 week-old Belgian Malinois Service Dog. PTSD is something that is real within the veteran community and has touched my inner circle. The use of service dogs to mitigate the effects of this condition has shown me the immense power held by our animals. As the bond between the puppy and my bro strengthens, I am witnessing an evolution in him. I can see the positive effect this relationship has on him. In a world of pharmaceuticals and magic elixirs, we owe it to ourselves to try something different. There is a reason why the relationship between man and animal has existed for many years, so let us keep it going. Don’t forget savages, love your savage pets BE AUTHENTIK.

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