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Relationship: A Ship that Carries Many

Here is another awesome addition by Resolute, an original Authentik Savage Tribe member. His voice and perspective continue to expound our knowledge at Authentik Savage.

Mental Health is not a destination or a goal, it is a journey, a process of self-reflection, and objective introspection set in a context of realistic expectation. It is not a good time that causes an issue, it is the ever-creeping demons of loneliness, hopelessness, guilt, and despair. These demons go by many names. They whisper their truth-laced lies and penetrate the vulnerable minds of the warrior class, causing toxic inner-dialogues to ensue. My brothers. My sisters. We must not fight these demons alone. We must not fight these demons on their own turf, for their absolute warfare is waged with a

knowledge greater than our own. We must act, being proactive in our pursuit of sound mind and body. We must not run from our demons, but sprint toward solutions.

The family that is Authentik Savage is green. But, with every family, it is a relationship that binds us together. We are all here to improve our state of being. It is at the core of our ethos, to become eminently qualified human beings. When one of us falters, when one of us is suffering, the family suffers. When demons creep, we must become vulnerable amongst each other. My life was spared on numerous occasions because the relationships with my brothers offered the opportunity to become vulnerable and open. My pain, my loneliness, the anxiety, and ever-present cloud of depression were no longer my burden to bear alone. By simply telling someone I was struggling, accountably was introduced. This was not a crutch for a weak man, but a pillar of strength and discipline that allowed me to pivot trajectory.

There are two sides to this story. There is a warrior in pain who sees no solution or end to his suffering. And, there is the warrior who becomes the strength, the embodiment of all that is needed. He cannot fix the warrior. He cannot fully understand the warrior’s experience. But he can demonstrate love. He can deploy empathy and guide that hurting sole toward solutions. He can assist him in gaining momentum. He can do this because of one core factor, RELATIONSHIP.


This month, I would like us to explore a relationship. What does it mean? What does it look like? Why is there such a taboo around masculine relationships, and how do we break down that stigma? Allow yourselves to become vulnerable. Respect the vulnerabilities of others. This is your safe space.

As always: Be Authentik. Stay Savage.


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