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Savage Prep: Always Ready

What’s up Savages. Have you ever had an emergency when you were out and about? Do you remember the feeling when you needed a certain tool or piece of gear but didn’t have it? The feeling sucked... An item I like to keep is a bug out bag. A bug out bag or emergency bag is a stored pack or bag filled with emergency gear and necessities that you can grab and maintain mobility with. It is awesome because you can grab it on the go, knowing it is prepped with everything you need. I keep one in my vehicle and another in my house. When constructing your bag, you want to keep it simple and functional. This helps in keeping the weight down. Although your bag will be unique to you, once again you want to keep it simple. The items in your bag will match the area you are native to. Weather patterns, perspective natural disasters, and civil unrest are some factors that can influence the contents of your bag. When picking my items I think of items that can be used for different situations. This takes away the opportunity for me to repeat items that have the same or similar use. Below is a list of the items I use for my car bag.

Car Bag:

  • Clothing (Rain Jacket, Shoes, Shirt)

  • Flashlight

  • Pistol Magazine

  • Life Straw for Water Purification

  • Small Medkit

  • N95 Mask

  • Folding Knife/Multitool

  • Gloves

  • Kind Bars or Some Type of Snack

Don’t forget Savages, BE AUTHENTIK and organize your bug out bag TODAY!

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