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Savage Vision: Now for Later

Happy Saturday Savages. Let's get down to business. The Now.. What does that mean to you? When you think of the now, do thoughts of your current standing flood your mind? Are you even able to think of the now? One thing I realized about life is, we are so fixated on the future that we forget to live in the now. We forget that now is what leads to the future we desire. I am continuously responsible for overlooking my current to see the future.

In looking to better myself and wanting that for my peers, I first looked at the results of fixating on later. We've all tripped when walking. We can all agree, it was likely due to not looking down. We weren't looking down because we were looking forward to where we want to go, but not where we currently are. This led to us missing the ability to step over the obstacle that resulted in us tripping. Take this small experience and apply it on a grander scale to any aspect of your life. For example; you are fixated on purchasing a new vehicle. While on this journey to your future vehicle, you lose track of maintenance requirements for your current vehicle. Soon your tires have minimal tread, brakes are worn, and little engine oil. Narrow vision blocked your ability to see your current vehicle, that has successfully transported you safely to and from your destinations.

Life is a balancing act, where we walk a gray zone tightrope. We must vigorously chase our aspirations to make a reality of them without losing track of where we currently stand. Easier said than done, TRUST ME. As I stated, I am responsible for practicing the narrow vision routine. Understanding this, I looked for a simple practice that could drive the change needed to break this dumb routine. Drumroll, please... It is called, wait for it. GRATITUDE! I take a moment to appreciate where I am, therefore opening my field of view. When my FOW increases I am able to take notice of various things that could help me execute my goals. It a simple and efficient way of dealing with this practice. Give it a try savages and never forget, BE AUTHENTIK!

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