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The Mandalorian: Binge Worthy

Yo Savages! It's Friday, you made it through another awesome week. To celebrate, hit a quick ten push-ups. Let's go, push them out. Now that you are done, let us celebrate. Another great part of Fridays is the release of an awesome Star Wars based Disney Plus series entitled The Mandalorian. As soon as you read "Star Wars" I'm sure you began to wonder if you needed a college course on Star Wars history. The answer is no. The Mandalorian was written in a way where anyone, from a super fan to a regular dude like me can enjoy the series. In the series the protagonist a Mandalorian gunslinger named "Mando" makes his way through a post galactic empire galaxy. His journey through this lawless galaxy leads to action-packed episodes filled with a killer musical score and well-developed characters. Do not be intimidated guys, give it a watch and drop a comment below. Lucky for you, a new episode airs tonight on Disney’s streaming app, Disney Plus. Never forget, BE AUTHENTIK!

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