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Traditions: Making Memories

What up, Savages! Christmas is only 4 days away. Did you finish up your last-minute shopping? If not, you better get er done. I wanted to drop a quick post on tradition. In an age where everything is digitized and instantly attainable, it is nice to hold on to practices from times past. Since Authentik Savage is a community of savages from far and wide, I want you to drop some of your Holiday Traditions below in the comments

Here is one of my family’s Christmas traditions. For our gift exchange, we gather gifts and place them in the middle of the living room. When then sit around them in a circle and open our gifts, one person, at a time. Now, this is where it gets gnarly. As we are opening gifts, we are roasting each other with the funniest savage jokes. Despite what is and has taken place in the world, my family and I rejoice in knowing we will have this time together during the holidays. Don’t forget savages, drop your tradition below and Be Authentik!

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