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Traveling Made Easy: Airport or Stressport

What’s up Savages! This is for those that love traveling but hate airports. I can’t tell you how many times being in an airport has made me contemplate putting my head in between a door and its frame so I can repeatedly slam it. I’m sure this feeling is mutual between us travelers. When en route to your gnarly destination, there is an excess of stimuli we must all undergo. To combat this, I have compiled a couple of simple ways to alleviate airport stress.

Stress Mitigation:

  1. Packing:

When packing your luggage, review airline standards for luggage weight. Once you have familiarized yourself with the weight limit, weigh your luggage. I like to use my home scale, but you can visit your local supermarket and use theirs, or purchase a hand scale for luggage.

Another practice I use for travel is, organizing my bag for convenient access to its contents. I prefer to take a backpack. More specifically one designed with multiples pockets. When organizing I begin with the front of the pack and work my way towards the compartment closest to my back. I fill compartment #1 with 1st line gear like chargers, gum, headphones, and sanitation materials. These are items you will frequent the most. Compartment #2 is filled with items like snacks, reading materials, or any other type of item you would retrieve after using something from compartment #1. For example, you may sanitize your seat and hands then grab a snack. The last compartment houses valuables: electronics, important documents, or any other type of valuable.

  1. Flying Outfit:

For my flying outfit, I practice 2 principles which are comfort and practicality. I fly in athletic clothing. It is breathable, easy to move in, and don/doff.

  1. Footwear:

Footwear is essential in any situation and should always be purpose-driven. For travel you need, something that is comfortable, yet easy to take off. For cold climates, I use Nike Free types of sneaker. It checks both of the aforementioned boxes, ease of removal and comfort. In warm climates, I use a slide sports slipper to fly in.

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