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Trust But Verify:

Trust But Verify:

The mantra “Trust But Verify” was taught to me by a wise and special person. Since the day I have learned and committed this to my caveman codes, it has positively affected my life. You may ask, what does trust but verify mean? It means to hear what the speaker is telling you, verify the message, then believe. Although this seems rather simple, there are still tards who do not practice this. Misinformation has been spread accidentally and with purpose, since the inception of man. We all have that one bro in the crew that lives by whatever the media tells him is true, then has the nerve to attempt to convince you it is true. COME ON BRO! An easy way to circumvent dealing with or acting on BS, is to verify it. This could save you time, money, heartache, etc. Luckily for us, we live in an age where information is readily accessible, so it is quite easy to verify something. So Bros, TRUST BUT VERIFY and Be Authentik!

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